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Why UNIQ Chennai is the Best Project Center in?

At UNIQ Chennai, it means achieving real business results that allow you to transform, and not just maintain, your operations. Our IT services, industries solutions, and outsourcing bring you a level of certainty that no other competitor can match.

At UNIQ Chennai,a brief discussion would be given on all the topics of the project domain and students can choose from a wide range of projects in their preferred language like java,dotnet,android,php.

We offer many projects on different domain which includes mobile computing,grid computing,data mining,distributed networking,intrusion detection systems etc.

We give you soft copies and software’s for the project and also guide you throughout the project session.

WE do not stop there,but also provide you guidance and support in career providing free aptitude training sessions, mock interviews and interactive classes.

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Enthusiastic and deterministic students are welcomed at UNIQ for internship in project

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