BIG DATA Projects


1. BIG DATA (Hadoop) Based DATA MINING (IEEE 2019)

  1. Exploiting Aesthetic Features in Visual Contents for Movie Recommendation
  2. Deep collaborative filtering for prediction of disease genes
  3. A Joint Two-Phase Time-Sensitive Regularized Collaborative Ranking Model for Point of Interest Recommendation
  4. A Prediction Approach for Stock Market Volatility Based on Time Series Data
  5. Exploring Variability within Ensembles of Decadal Climate Predictions


2. BIG DATA (Hadoop) Based WEB MINING (IEEE 2019)

  1. SentiDiff: Combining Textual Information and Sentiment Diffusion Patterns for Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  2. Spammer Detection and Fake User Identification on Social Networks
  3. Sentiment Lexicon Construction with Hierarchical Supervision Topic
  4. Enabling Trusted and Privacy-preserving Healthcare Services in Social Media Health Networks
  5. Investigating the Schedulability of Periodic Real-Time Tasks in Virtualized Cloud Environment

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