IEEE Projects in Machine Learning



I. IEEE 2019 Based Machine Learning Projects

  1. Fine-tuning restricted Boltzmann machines using quaternions and its application for spam detection. (IET Networks)
  2. Online Public Shaming on Twitter: Detection, Analysis, and Mitigation. (IEEE 2019)
  3. An Interactive Framework for Visualization of Weather Forecast Ensembles. (IEEE 2019)
  4. Movie Success Prediction using Machine Learning Algorithms and their Comparison (IEEE 2019) (Conference)
  5. Automatic Text Summarization of News Articles in Serbian Language. (IEEE 2019) (Conference)
  6. Improving Prediction Performance Using Hierarchical Analysis of Real-Time Data: A Sepsis Case Study. (IEEE 2019)
  7. An Experimental Study with Imbalanced Classification Approaches for Credit Card Fraud Detection. (IEEE 2019)
  8. Stand-alone Heartbeat Detection in Multidimensional Mechanocardiograms.(IEEE 2019)
  9. Breast Cancer Detection Using Extreme Learning Machine Based on Feature Fusion with CNN Deep Features. (IEEE 2019) (Conference)
  10. Online Sales Prediction: An Analysis with Dependency SCOR-Topic Sentiment Model. (IEEE 2019)