Inplant Training in Chennai For Mechanical

As in the growing gifted minds of every graduating student, they consider visiting the Automobile industry is the lifespan vessel for their Inplant Training in Chennai For Mechanical but to the other side of the coin, knowledge towards the Hardware sides like

• Different Typed Robotics
• Conveyor model application,
• Elevator model application,

And the Software sides like MATLAB tool which enforces Solid Object measurement and curve fitting measurement topics which are also the part of mechanical field.

Furthermore to the above technologies, the trainees will be provided with an Android Mobile App Development Workshop which would also help in gaining the idea but how whole world is locked inside the Mobile apps and Devices.

Syllabus for Mechanical IPT

UNIQ Chennai offers In-Plant Training for Mechanical Engineering Students. Get in Touch with us for a list of companies in which we offer In-plant Training.

Lathe Works

  • Job Loading
  • Job Process
  • Lathe Types


  • Instruments
  • Drawing Study
  • Geometric Measurement
  • Milling Machine Work

Conveyor Model

  • IR (Infra Red) Sensor
  • Bottle Filling Application




  • DC Motor
  • Elevator Control


Inplant Training in Chennai For Mechanical UNIQ Technologies


“The Pursuit of knowledge is more valuable than its possession”
-Albert Einstein

Mentioning the above specified quote is never pleased with the words, as with the above same knowledge understanding
With a provoking idea of delivering cost operative solutions to small and medium sized companies, UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES has served more than 112 clients in the area of Banking, Retail, Hospitality, Logistics solutions etc.

How Good is UNIQ Technologies?

In this competitive technical world, UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES has created something called INPLANT TRAINING in Chennai For Mechanical, Helps the students to use the better opportunity at Chennai and Coimbatore, to expand hands on participation in Software Solution development. As by the professionalize background, it signs you to the Employment in the sector. As the creators have abundant experience of rising with various MNCs, immersion in emerging soft skills and various placement associated happenings (Redefining logical abilities, Operative communication in English, to ignite the positive insolence) are the best in UNIQ.

UNIQ Technologies extends its cause and acquaintance for the hungry thinkers and their connections to reach the available prospect of our IPT program as we intensely rely on in the act of providing special treaties to those who be worthy.

What makes the Students IPT exceptional?

Since during 2009, when recession was till the sky, there persisted a bunch of students, who continued safe from the prickle of job firings. When others were fired, they got hired. So, whats there so unique in the ability of their employer, that is the Inplant Training in Chennai For Mechanical  experiences they were exposed to during their college days came into rescue. Inplant training prepares the student with the perfect knowledge of the premium performs in industries. The sustainability of these students in MNCs, pushed to be more than the others to those who entered the MNCs directly after their academics.

InPlant Training for the Following Departments


InPlant Training for IT students on Software Development, Web Development and Android Applictaion and so on.


Inplant Training for ECE students on Robotics, Embedded System, Image Processing and many ECE related field.


InPlant Training for EEE students on Communication Protocol, Embedded System, Robotics and on cutting edge technology.


Best Inplant Training for EIE Students are provided by UNIQ Technologies on various upcoming technologies.


Inplant Training for CSE students are provided y UNIQ Technologies on various field like web development, Hosting and so on.


Inplant Training for Civil Students on Soil Moisture Analyser application, Land Slider defect identification and pH value measurement.


Inplant Training for Mechanical Students on Different Typed Robotics,Conveyor model application and so on.

Engineering Students

Uniq Technologies Provided InPlant Training for all the department in the Engineering in the upcoming technologies.

Inplant training in Chennai

Why should Students go for Inplant Training ?

• Pursuing one will enhance our knowledge about the corporate while you are in your academics.
• Its worth varies reliant on which branch you are, and which institute you do with.
• It’s sure, the certificate Make you above all than the words.
• They will be familiar with the corporate and make them to work better in the environment.
• Job factor is the idyllic Axiom in the InPlant Training Program.
• Interviewer appeal is the essential step in an interview process and that facility can be gained with the InPlant Training in Chennai For Mechanical.

Why Inplant Training in Chennai For Mechanical in UNIQ?

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