Civil Internship in Chennai

With a great opportunity for students to relax and revitalize before the next semester inaugurates. At the same time, summer breaks also offer a great opportunity for enthusiastic engineering students to trial and learn new things. This is the time when pupils can focus on learning and involvement the fun of industrial without having to worry about scores and exams. Through these programs, students can reconnoitre various tools and learn while having a lot of fun. The programs are intended to let the students think out of the box and develop several interesting manufacturing projects, making the whole involvement fun and inculcating desire in engineering. They are designed to allow students to smear their ideas in real life and experience manufacturing rather than to focus on marks.

Opportunities for Internship in Chennai by UNIQ Technologies

Civil Internship in Chennai

UNIQ Technologies

Experience is a factor in hiring decisions, you no longer have to simply be more qualified than the person next to you, and you have to be more qualified than countless others all around the world. You can greatly boost your classroom knowledge by gaining real world experience through internship in chennai. If you have completed internships, you will clearly have an superiority over your classmates who haven’t. “Not only does participation in an internship make the student a more attractive candidate, but it can also be an avenue to a job.” says NACE Executive Director Marilyn Macke.

Thus We, UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES (ISO 9001:2015 Certified) – an expertise SOFTWARE/SERVICES/DEVELOPMENT company was initiated by experts from foremost MNCs like TCS, WIPRO, IBM, CTS, and Accenture. Having its Parent office in Chennai and Coimbatore, the pursuit towards the knowledge pulled them copious expansion with a child office at Tirunelveli. And providing internship offers for the 2nd, 3rd, and final year Students. We provide Internship for Arts and Engineering Students.

We offer final year projects for CSE (computer science & Software Engineering) & IT(Information Technology) students in countless platforms such as JAVA/JEE, DotNet, Android, BigData, IoT, PHP, Oracle and ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering) , EIE (Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering), & EEE (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) students in technologies such as Embedded System (8051, PIC, Arduino, ARM, Raspberry-pi), Matlab (Image Processing), Power Electronics.

Internship in Chennai for Engineering Students

Civil Internship in Chennai

Uniq Technologies

The key Norms to know about the Internship:

  • Civil Internship in Chennai is available for all the 2nd, 3rd and final year Students as; 2, 5 and 10 days.
  • We encourage those outstation students who choose the internship in chennai can select for 2 and 5 days.
  • It’s actually a fast track course, where every syllabus would be covered within the 2 days and 5 days.
  • Local students can pursue the Civil internship in chennai with the full satisfaction for the remaining 5 more days with 10 day program of training and Development.
  • With the mandatory norms for the trainees to have their laptops with them.
  • Software and installations can be given at the first day.
  • In the 5 Day program, All Learning process have to be done for the first three days and Mini project development will on the remaining two days.
  • In the 10 Day program, All Learning process have to be done for the first 5 days and Main project development will on the remaining 5 days.
  • Three certificates will be provided while wrapping up. Internship certificate, Mini Project certificate and Industry Exposure Certificate.

Platform in Various Domain

UNIQ Chennai offers the Civil internship in Chennai for Engineering. The internship is offered for the students of all the departments. An internship training helps the students to gain the industry knowledge while studying itself. Nowadays Companies started hiring the students who underwent internship or inplant training during their college days. So it is must for every budding Engineer or Arts students to undergo any inplant training or internship during their college days. UNIQ Chennai stands as a platform for all the budding graduates by offering an internship in Chennai. The internship is offered on all the platforms like Java, Android, Dotnet, Embedded Systems, Matlab, NS2, etc.

The main purpose of going for a Civil internship is to gain domain knowledge and industry exposure during the college days. This Civil internship training will make yourself unique during the time of placements. As Companies nowadays will prefer to hire the students who have gone through some internships or training, instead of preferring the normal students. The internship will help you to get placed in the core domains. Not only for Engineering students even Arts fellow mates can also undergo training in their sophisticated domain and gain Industrial Experience. UNIQ Chennai is the Best Project Centre in Chennai for all the Students.

In UNIQ Chennai internship is available for all second, third and final year students of all branches in Engineering and Arts. The internship may vary from two to tens based on the domain. Civil Internship Certification is also provided by the UNIQ Chennai on Completion.


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