Civil Project Center in Chennai

UNIQ works with organizations to design, Examination and Experimental works in numerous arenas such as matlab project solutions by providing highly accomplished technical capitals combined with proven project management skill to deliver results you can count on. We have a strong team. This the buiding wordls to the future streams are done by the civil engineers but inorder to maintain the building structures and other possible building figures you need to learn to maintain it with the automation of the projects and built shapes.

Civil Projects



  1. Planning and Designing of school building
  2. Planning and Designing of marriage hall
  3. Planning and Designing of multi-story apartment building
  4. Planning and Designing of industrial building
  5. Planning and Designing of super market building
  6. Planning and Designing of auditorium building
  7. Planning and Designing of airport terminal building
  8. Planning and Designing of police station building
  9. Planning and Designing of office building
  10. Planning and Designing of single bed room residential building
  11. Planning and Designing of railway station
  12. Planning and Designing of airport hanger
  13. Design of waste water treatment plant
  14. Planning and Designing of earth quake resistant building using e-tabs.
  15. Planning and Designing of overhead circular water tank
  16. Design of a rotary intersection in city junction
  17. Planning and Designing of bank building
  18. Planning and Designing of hospital building
  19. Planning and Designing of higher secondary school building
  20. Planning and Designing of panchayat union office building
  21. Planning and Designing of modern bus stand
  22. Planning and Designing of girder bridge
  23. Design and Planning of a mall
  24. Design and Analysis of govt / private warehouse
  25. Design of pedestrian subway at a metro traffic junction


  1. Experimental study on self-compacting concrete using ggbs and fly-ash
  2. Experimental investigation on recycled aggregate concrete
  3. A study on effects of light weight aggregates on compressive and Flexural Strength of concrete
  4. Experimental study on utilization of blast furnace slag in concrete
  5. Study on strength behavior of concrete using foundry dust in fine aggregate
  6. Behavior of concrete beams with coconut shell as coarse aggregates
  7. Experimental studies on the influence of the size of the aggregate invthe Compressive strength of concrete.
  8. Study on behavior of concrete partially replacing quartz sand as fine Aggregate.
  9. Project on partial replacement of cement with marble powder.
  10. Concrete aggregates from discarded Tyre rubber
  11. River bed uncrushed aggregates for Concrete
  12. Effect of different curing methods on the compressive strength of concrete
  13. Experimental investigation in developing low cost concrete from Paper Industry waste
  14. Partial replacement of beach sand as fine aggregate for concrete
  15. Project on partial replacement of cement with brick powder
  16. Compressive behavior of steel Fiber reinforced concrete at high Temperatures
  17. Effect of partial replacement of sand with municipal solid waste ashon The strength of concrete
  18. Study on infiltration rate on different soils
  19. Studies on soil stabilization by using Bagasse ash
  20. Effect of reinforcing soil with waste plastic fiber
  21. Compressive strength development of blended cement concretes containing Portland cement,fly ash and met kaolin.
  22. Fly ash brick with addition of lime and quarry dust
  23. Light weight burnt bricks using rice husk and saw dust
  24. An experimental investigation on the strength properties of bacterial Concrete with fly ash.
  25. Inclusion of coconut coir fiber in soil mixed with Fly ash.

Best Project Centers in Chennai By UNIQ Technologies

Civil Project Centers in Chennai

The real feeling of building roughly out of belongings that are educated. A chance to prove that you can reason big. Therefore picking a reliable podium with a reliable idea can even carry you a better position and leaves a path for future.Making it hands-on assists the student to place their inner idea which encourages them to grow intellectually and to have out of box thought. Therefore it makes them an outstanding improved student. Between all the project centers in Chennai you could find a cent percent clarification for all your technical problems and execution problem. Uniq Chennai as a leading civil project centers in Chennai helps in solving the problems faced while initiating a final year or IEEE projects. We have projects center civil in chennai to provide projects for Civil Engineering and various departments such as Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology, Electrical & Electronics, Electrical Communication Engineering, Electronics & Instrumentation, Mechanical Engineering for various areas in chennai itself. Get your civil project done from the best project centre in Chennai.

A final year project in engineering education operates the information to a student’s terminal practice as a debut professional. It is a lottery for students to whisk up their concepts in both academic and practical, and extend the ambit of their experience in employment. So, a civil final year project suggested by any institute should inscribe the whole set of talents an engineer must maintain and cover up the needs in the means of knowledge by a scholar.

Project Center For Engineering Students of Various Departments

Civil Project Center in Chennai establishes the ease of work and implementation in projects, either it can be Engineering Final Year Projects or IEEE Projects. The Value of developing a project is all about the involvement of a student go through while processing at each step in the project. Students choose platform based on their knowledge, we provide platform for all departments such as Android, Embedded System, Web Mining, Power system, Matlab, Cloud Computing and more for in your own locality in Chennai.

As you’re in need of final year project of different platforms based on your choice, there will be a rat race between your companions to develop the project. Whenever you require to exhibition your ability and make anything big, you just have to remember about the project approach, where you’re good at, no-one could advise you out without understanding your choice. Thus , we provide IEEE projects of your choice.

The blends of progressive experts have made UNIQ Chennai standout from the opposition. We hold a crew devoted to participate and infuse information into Intellects. With subjected ideas and specialists examining in their fields of expertise, we do remodeling in a unique fashion. UNIQ Chennai is the most recommended project centre in Chennai.

Civil Project Centers in Chennai

The Civil Project Center in Chennai For Students

Each Student’s thought process is to ascend out as a specialist in some range of domain while they finish college. The Project, they select ought to be of their own enthusiasm to demonstrate greater inclusion in the Project. A student must get a decent project group around them with a similar dynamic quality to investigate something new to the world. At the point when an student moves into college interestingly, they will have an idea of starting the project as right on time as could reasonably be expected, however they won’t. In such cases, they end up with project centers around them. Here are a portion of the projects thought for the Engineering Students on field wise. The Project includes

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