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Android App Development Course

APPS- Applications or Apps, as they are more commonly known, pervade a wide range of handheld and mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and mobile phones. An App is a downloadable software program that addresses varying user needs in the area of content, entertainment, games, productivity, communication, interaction and much more. These apps are downloaded by customers from various mobile software distribution platforms, or delivered as mobile web applications.

ANDROID – Android is a Linux-based operating system designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. Android is open source and Google releases the code under the Apache License. The Programme on Mobile Application Development on the Android Platform provides an introduction to object-oriented concepts and its implementation in Java technology programs. In addition, it covers syntax and semantics of Java programming language. Further it covers the implementation of various concepts such as, exception handling, file manipulation, threads, collections, input/output streams, localization, and database connectivity.



Best Android Training Institute in Chennai

Program Contents:

  • Introduction
  • What is android
  • Android in industry


Android Tools
  • Android SDK
  • Java JDK
  • Eclipse IDE
  • New project creation and about Files

Android Components
  • Activity
  • Services
  • Broadcast Receiver
  • Content Provider

  • Option menu
  • Context menu
  • Popup menu


Intent Filters

Intent and Intent Filters

  • Intent
  • Pending intent
  • Intent Filter

Content Provider
  • SQLite Shared Preference

  • Image Capture
  • Video Capture
  • Media Player

View Groups
  • Linear Layout
  • Absolute Layout
  • Table Layout
  • Frame Layout
  • Relative Layout
  • Scroll View

Services and Broadcast Receiver
  • Services
  • Broadcast Receiver
  • SMS Manager


Dialogs and Notifications

  • Alert Dialog
  • Progress Dialog
  • Toast notification
  • Status notification

Location based Services
  • Google Map
  • Network provider
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Control

Input Controls

Input Controls and Input Events(Views)

  • Button, Image Button
  • Text View
  • Edit Text, Auto Complete Text View
  • Checkbox, Radio Button ,
  • Spinner, Seek bar
  • Date Pickers, Time Picker
  • Image View
  • Radio Group, Toggle Button

Flexible Timings

Weekday, Weekend & Fast-track

Real Time Project Work
  • IDE -Eclipse & NetBeans
  • Tools -XML Spy & PL/SQL Developer

  • Training: 60 hours – 30 Days (2 hours/day).
  • Project Work: 20 Hours – 10 Days (2 hours/day)



  • “Certificate in Dotnet Programming Language”
  • “Certificate Program in Advanced Dotnet SE Programming for Web Development”.
  • “Certificate for Successful Project Completion”

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